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I finally created a pre-order for my award-nominated fantasy romance novella, Impossible Tasks. It’s live now. My friends have started ordering it.

This is terrifying.

And if you want to read something immediately, Austen Tea Party — which includes my short story, “The Surgeon’s Second Chance” — is now available.

There’s even more coming this year, including another novella and a Christmas short story, but that’s the headline news.

Okay, we’re two full months into 2023, but … I’m still here! Rebranding, doing new anthologies, getting ready to indie release my first novella. Exciting stuff, honestly. Some of which I hope will be, you know, updating and improving this very website!

Austen Tea Party – August 9th

The Regency Abduction Club – October 5th

Mistletoe and Markets – November 21st

Well, hello! Yes, I am still alive, though haven’t updated the site in quite a while. I have actual stories coming out this year, though. Please enjoy the cover for the October 2022 anthology that I will be a part of, Under Your Spell. It’s currently available for pre-orders on Amazon for the special price of 99 cents.


Please add it to your “Want To Read” list on Goodreads: