Welcome to Irwindale!

The following are what I have for sale at the Irwindale Spring Book Festival. I hope you find something you love.

Short Story eBook: $1

It’s Only Lunch: A Quarantine Romance Short Story

Cass Alston has always had a secret crush on her friend Luke, so she’s not prepared to find out that he’s finally available. It was only meant to be a quick lunch, but when the COVID-19 lockdown strands her at O’Hare, there’s only one person she knows will come her rescue. Can one lunch lead to forever?


Novella eBook: $3

Impossible Tasks: A Fairytale Fantasy Romance

To Lady Mirade, it seems a simple task: abduct the sorcerer son of her clan’s greatest enemy and persuade him to teach her the magic she needs to defend her family and her keep. She never expects her greatest battle to be against the forbidden desire that burns between them.

The Lord Sorcerer Lorien’s task is to escape and return to his own clan so they can resume their feud. But even as he remains Mirade’s prisoner, he finds himself enchanted by her determination and passion to protect her people.

As they grow ever closer, finding a way to resolve the feud so they can be together may prove to be the most impossible task of all.


Paperbacks: $20 (tax included)