Fantasy Romance

To Lady Mirade, it seems a simple task: abduct the sorcerer son of her clan’s greatest enemy and persuade him to teach her the magic she needs to defend her family and her keep. She never expects her greatest battle to be against the forbidden desire that burns between them. 

The Lord Sorcerer Lorien’s task is to escape and return to his own clan so they can resume their feud. But even as he remains Mirade’s prisoner, he finds himself enchanted by her determination and passion to protect her people.

As they grow ever closer, finding a way to resolve the feud so they can be together may prove to be the most impossible task of all. 

Historical Romance

When her aunt drags her to four summer house parties in quick succession, Grace Rawson doesn’t expect to be drawn into a dangerous game with a perilously attractive thief. After her aunt’s safety is threatened, Grace must determine which of the players is hiding a darker purpose.




‘Tis the season to find trinkets, treats, and love at your favorite Christmas Market. 


Will you meet someone special under the mistletoe? Is that a candy cane in Santa’s pocket or is he just happy to see you? Whether it’s the traditional markets of Europe or a small-town winter festival out of a television movie, the holiday market is the place to come together to shop, drink, and make merry. Will you find the perfect gift or the love of your life? 


Grab your eggnog and cookies and join USA Today best-selling and award -winning romance authors curated by The New Romance Café as we celebrate all the things that make this a holly jolly season.



It’s Only Christmas

When Christmas skeptic Cass Alston agrees to a road trip down the California coast to see the holiday market in Solvang, neither she nor her boyfriend Luke expect the series of disasters that await them, including torrential rains, mudslides, and a trip to the emergency room. 


Now they’re trying to keep their trip afloat, their relationship together, and their Christmas spirit bright despite the obstacles. But can a happy ending still await them at the Julefest market?


A collaborative anthology of romance short stories and novellas to raise money for Maui

All royalties earned from the sale of this book will go to UHF – The University of Hawai’i Foundation. This is a respected organisation that has been working for decades to assist all citizens of Hawai’i. UHF is co-ordinating and delivering thousands of meals per day for people affected by the horrific fires in early August 2023.

All money raised will directly benefit the people of Maui.

Contributors have donated all stories, formatting and artwork in order to raise as much money as possible to go where people need it most.

The romances in Love For Maui are sorted by genre and heat level. Inside this incredible collection are contemporary romances, historical romances, science fiction romances and shifters too.




On the verge of marrying another man after her fiancé is killed in battle, Catherine Williams encounters a mysteriously familiar stranger at her grandmother’s All Hallows’ Eve ball who makes her wonder if love ever truly dies.


Get ready for a collection of passionate Regency romances that will rock your world.

This box set features a steamy collection from your favourite authors.

Renée Dahlia, Alexa Santi, Linda Rae Sande, Tabetha Waite, Heidi Wessman Kneale, Ebony Oaten, Sonia Bellhouse, Vivian Murdoch and Anne Knight have created a stunning set of sexy adventures.

Each features some kind of capture that leads to the most dreadful mess. In the process, the heroes and heroines find common ground that leads to long lasting happily ever afters.




The Wrong Twin

Major Lord Philip Avondale had last seen Junia Reynolds as she was leaving the British warship

that brought her family from slavery in Maryland to freedom in England. So why was she now

working for the villains who abducted him from his brother’s doorstep?

When she formed a desperate plan to rescue her beloved father from kidnappers, Junia Reynolds never imagined seeing the man of her girlish dreams as another of their victims, especially when he claimed to be his own twin brother. Can she trust him to help save her father when she cannot trust her own heart?


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